Sunday, April 24, 2011

365 update: altering approach slightly

I guess my 365 project is evolving a little, partly because I've just been so busy. I love the idea of creating something every day, but I also like interspersing little easy-to-do projects with more interesting bigger stuff, and if I want that I'm just going to have to resign myself to knowing the bigger projects will take more than one day to finish. I'm happy with the end products for the ones that have taken multiple days, even though i was stressed that they were taking longer.
To keep myself on track I'm going to still try to post daily with updates, which forces me to still be actively creating every day, even though it takes multiple days to complete.
This one's going to take me a few days, but I'm getting a start on it right now, so here's a beginning photo. The challenge is to make something old look new. I'm not sure if transforming a really ancient shirt into a doll is quite in the spirit of the prompt or not, but it's all I could think of and I think it'll turn out cool...

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