Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 24: Green

Going a little simpler today, the assignment was to work with green, on green, with... lots of green.
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised this is where my mind went.
This is a pretty simple flat color acrylic painting, on green construction paper. If the color is a little uneven that's because I had to mix up a color for Kermit's main body, and the outlining/dark stuff is actually a metallic dark green.Cheating even more, this is traced from a drawing I did for one of my younger cousins a few years back, although I wasn't happy with the head so I redrew that. I'm still not sure it's right, but if I'd drawn him with his mouth open I'd have had to put some red in...
I also don't know why he's got a top hat, cane and spats (yes, those are supposed to be flipper spats), it just seemed like a good idea at the time.
I actually have a little Hallmark book titled 'It's Not Easy Being Green', which is full of Jim Henson doodles and quotes from both him and various Muppets.
It's not a work of high literature, but it is sweet and smart and wonderful and everything else you'd expect from Jim Henson.
It's all posthumous, of course, but edited by his daughter, Cheryl.
I've been a Muppet/Jim Henson fan ever since I can remember, and I also have several books on the history of the Muppets and animatronics, which may show up on this blog later. Anyone visiting the house might catch on to this, although the Kermit 'drink milk' poster in the kitchen, my Kermit and Rizzo dolls (and smaller Electric Mayhem finger puppets), Boober doll, and Muppets calendar now used as a poster are just so much a part of the house I didn't think of them until writing this. Somehow, despite being jobless and pretty much broke, I own all the Muppet Show Season DVD's released so far and the entirety of Fraggle Rock. 'Labyrinth' and 'the Dark Crystal' were major influences on my imagination, growing up.
When my girlfriend heard today's assignment was green and I was doing a Kermit picture, she went to the kitchen and pulled out an Easter egg I made last year, which we're both astonished is still intact (yes, it's a blown-out empty shell). I guess Kermit has a significant presence in the house. I have two Kermit dolls for some reason, both about life size, so to speak. One of them talks and sings, although his batteries need replacing and he currently sounds a little funny.

What's funnier still? My favorite character isn't Kermit, it's Rowlf, he's just a lot harder to find merchandise of.


  1. Love the Kermit drawing. That sounds like a book I'd enjoy.

  2. The copyright date is 2005 so it's probably still in print, unless it had a really short run. You might need to go to the Hallmark store to find a copy, though.

  3. Some of the best words in the English language!