Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 16: Potato stamp

I'm not eating that.
I actually can't remember if I've ever done potato stamps, although I must have because I already knew what they were. I feel kind of bad cutting up a nice redskin potato for this, but that's what we have, and this one was starting to grow out of the eyes a little bit...
It's a kid's craft, and that got me thinking of kid's books, so this project is based off one of the Lyle the Crocodile books. Specifically 'Lyle and the Birthday Party'. I no longer own a copy of this book, which is kind of a shame, because this and 'Hop on Pop' were the first books I ever learned to read. I never felt the latter counted for much, because the words were too small. I also recall not being believed when I said I could read the book; my parents felt I'd simply had it read to me enough times that I had it memorized. They were wrong, though, because what excited me enough to tell them was the realization that I didn't just know what it said, but that most of the words on the page actually made sense.
Just the stamps...
It was like I'd unlocked some magical door, and I was ecstatic.
Why the story was one of my favorites, I'm really not sure. This was actually the only Lyle the crocodile book I remember, although we must have read the others, and I'm not quite sure if I owned it or just checked it out from the library repeatedly. My father working there gave me ready access, so I know there were books I had him bring me from work more than once.
This particular book is, in essence, about dealing with jealousy. Specifically Lyle the crocodile is jealous of the little boy of the family because it's his birthday. I imagine that's the kind of thing that happens a lot with siblings, but I was an only child so I'm not sure how that spoke to me.
Is it just me or does this look like children's wallpaper?
I did love birthday parties, though, and thought the most exciting thing about my own birthday was that it's just a week before Halloween. I'm not so big on birthdays, anymore, but I still think Halloween is the best holiday there is.
Maybe some year I should dress up as a crocodile.

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