Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 8: Altered book

Soothing blues for a restful feeling!
Do you ever find yourself wanting to sit up in bed and read, when your partner just want to sleep? Does the light keep them awake and complaining through all the best parts of the story? Well we have the solution for you!
Just try this handy new sleep aid, the book mask! It looks like a book, and won't be out of place on your nightstand with the stack of books waiting to be read, but just open it to the center and this handy volume transforms into a convenient light-blocking sleep mask! Now they can look like they've fallen asleep reading, without ever considering a single word!
Actual results may vary.

As an added feature, when you do turn out the lamp, the stars on the cover of the book mask will glow in the dark, thereby acting as a useful night-light.

Yeah, okay, it's goofy.
My inner librarian rebels at the idea of defacing a book, even though I like the look of altered books. I got this one out of the ten cents each box at the local used bookstore, and it's the biography of a Shakespearian actor. I think. I didn't actually read it, of course, although it's just possible that would work as a sleep aid too.
I put fabric over the cover, and yes, the stars really do glow in the dark.

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