Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3: Pure paper

The prompt for day 3 in my 365 book is to make something out of paper, but no drawing, cutting, or gluing. I can't really explain how that led me to Animal Farm, beyond some vague train of thought about government, bureaucracy, and paperwork.
This method of paper sculpture was certainly a lot faster and more freeing than yesterday's. I did make some tears to separate out legs and head and tail, a method I used to use for making animals out of aluminum foil (maybe that will come in again somewhere down the road in this project). Beyond that it was a lot of crumpling and twisting. The snout was the hardest, and the head only looks good from certain angles. I probably could have taken more time on it, but there's also a point where you can overwork that kind of thing. He looks like a pig, he's got the right authoritative character, and it works for me.

Comrades, I see the light of a new future! Or just the window.
I stumbled across 'Animal Farm' at the very beginning of 6th grade, on the shelf in my Home Room. I can remember this because when I was about halfway through, or more, the teacher noticed what I was reading. He kindly asked me after class if I liked it because it was about animals, and I politely informed him that it wasn't really, it was about the corruption of power and politics and social behavior. He gave me a funny look, and told me I was right, and never questioned my choice in books again. He was a cool teacher, actually, his name was Mr. Horner and he got me into the Bald Eagle Watch project, and I remember him as one of the better teachers I've had.
This is not the same copy, because I bought it later, but I think it's the same cover illustration.

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