Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 9: Breakfast

This is just one of the books in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy (which is five books long, because the author was worse at math than I am), but the prompt to make something out of your breakfast had me thinking of the phrase 'ten impossible things before breakfast' and thus led me to this book.
This past week has been one of those where I feel like I'm doing ten impossible things before breakfast. I guess I'm exaggerating, it's more like one difficult thing before breakfast each day, but still. Breakfast often comes late, or hurried, or today it was both. Monday started with a call that the person we've been caregiving for had another siezure, Tuesday I had a deposition to go to and couldn't eat before due to anxiety. Wednesday I drove a friend to a coffee/social thing, although I got some coffee and fruit there and people were very nice even though I didn't really belong at the gathering. Today we had to run downtown to pay a bill, and got breakfast late between that and going to our friend Heidi's studio to learn wet felting.
The heart of gold starship drive logo? Or not.
We grabbed breakfast/lunch at Shoney's, which means for this project I took my camera along and played with my food in a public restaurant. And took pictures of it. I have no idea what the other customers thought of that.
Obviously I ate some of it first, but how else was I supposed to cut out a little gold heart from the eggs, right? Anyway, this is supposed to be a gold heart with a bacon infinity sign going through it, for the Heart of Gold starship drive logo. Balancing little pieces of bacon into curved shapes is awkward when there are businessmen having lunch in the next booth.
Slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick.
I also noticed the slice of lemon from my girlfriend's iced tea sitting on the edge of her plate. This is supposed to look like a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick, which is supposedly what it feels like you've been hit with when you drink a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. It disturbs me that I didn't need to look any of this up. I used to be absolutely obsessed with this series. Also, the potatoes were pretty brick-like, really. I think I got the last of them left over from the breakfast rush. They're usually pretty good.
As we pulled up at home, we were right behind Heidi, who was there to pick us up and give us a felting workshop. The kids were along, which made things interesting. We started out serenaded by Thea's violin practice and Tegwyn's playing with her toy trains.
I forgot to take a photo of the felt fibers when they were first laid down dry, but here's the wet matted mess I started out with early on. I picked a kind of greenish blend, which Bridgie called 'cthulu green'. I think she's hoping to use it to make more of these guys to sell in our Etsy shop.
There was definitely a change from the mess of loose wool after we'd worked with it a while. Here's the shrunk-up felted mats as they were when we left the studio. Bridgie's is the reddish-brown one on the right, which I guess didn't shrink as much because it was a different type and texture of wool to start with. After we'd gotten them to this stage, Hedi balled them up and slapped them around on the mats, which was a little startling. And sprayed water everywhere, which was kind of awesome.
I'm not sure our felting was quite finished, but the kids had places to go, and this week has been so busy we were both ready to crash for a little while.
Before we left though, I took a photo of this, which is the bathroom right across the hall from Heidi's studio space. She says everyone who sees it comments about the giant gears in the bathroom, but seriously, how awesome is this? What are they from? Who put them there? How did they move them?
Anyway, there's my artistic adventures for the day. The felting lesson stuff is a bonus because what I made with breakfast was so pathetic...


  1. Weird medium! Hah! Let me know when you are ready to come finish things up!

  2. Jen's napping, but I'll ask her about Fri. when she wakes up. I'd better bring my camera again for the felting!